This New Sleep Apnea Breakthrough Will Change CPAP Forever

Snoring wrecks your marriage; sleep apnea wrecks your life. Treating sleep apnea and snoring can restore life by rejuvenating your deep, restorative sleep. Painful surgery and uncomfortable oral appliances have always been the back-up treatment for patients who can't tolerate bulky, uncomfortable, and noisy "Darth Vader" style CPAP masks.

Now, a new CPAP mask has been introduced in the United States that has SleepSomatics own clinical staff raving about the breakthrough in sleep apnea treatment.

The mask is called the Brevida, and it is manufactured by Fisher & Paykel (F&P) Healthcare in New Zealand. F&P is already well-known for their high-end, quality appliances and healthcare products. Their most popular masks, the Pilairo and Eson, are well-known to SleepSomatics clinicians and patients for durability, comfort, and ease-of-use. However, the Brevida took their mask ingenuity to the next level and incorporated new features that increase patient comfort and usage.

"No Sizing Need" Ease of Use

The Brevida mask is an extremely comfortable option for existing nasal pillows mask users ("in-the-nose") AND for nasal cushion mask ("around-the-nose") patients who have never tolerated traditional nasal pillows masks.

The Brevida comes with a self-inflating AirPillow that features two sizes: Extra Small/ Small (XS/S) and Medium/ Large (M/L) in a single mask kit. This improves upon the Pilairo's one-size-fits-all approach by including a narrower AirPillow for patients with smaller nostrils or shorter upper lips. However, unlike the ResMed P10 and similar-style nasal pillows masks, the Brevida's AirPillow still "inflates" within the nose to create a comfortable seal without the pronounced irritation one feels with traditional pillows masks.

AirPillow Seal


The smallest CPAP mask available is a nasal pillows, which fits inside the nostrils to directly deliver CPAP air to the nose. The downside to all nasal pillows masks is that they tend to pinch the nose, as the pillow mask must be slightly oversized to the patient's nostrils to ensure a proper seal.

The Brevida mask comes in two sizes, XS/S and M/L, which inflate within and around the nostrils to create a seal. This eliminates nasal pinching and reduces irritation and discomfort.

Adjustable Headgear

The smallest CPAP mask widely available is the ResMed P10 AirFit Nasal Pillows mask (which SleepSomatics does carry). It is a good mask, and it is quite small. However, the headgear is one-size-fits-all and not adjustable. As a result, the ResMed P10 tends to be too tight when you first purchase it and too loose before it needs to be replaced. 

The Brevida utilizes similar, small, narrow headgear to the ResMed P10 AirFit but with adjustable straps that allow the patient to adjust the mask to the patient's personal comfort and fitting.

Washable Diffuser "Muffler"

The front exhale port on a CPAP mask has holes. All masks have these holes. While the F&P Pilairo and Eson come with diffusers (or 'muffler filters') to cover those holes, the Brevida introduced a washable, reusable diffuser to reduce noise and disruption without having to replace the filter material each month.

Upgrade your Sleep Apnea and Snoring Treatment with the Brevida Mask Today

SleepSomatics patients who want to upgrade their existing PAP sleep apnea treatment with the Brevida mask have two options:

  1. You may purchase the new Brevida mask through the SleepSomatics website at the discounted cash rate for home delivery. Remember to use the 50% coupon code "CASH" at checkout.
  2. You may self-schedule a Current Patient Appointment for PAP Therapy Assessment, and you will receive an in-clinic counseling appointment to trial the Brevida and discuss its usage compared to your existing mask with your current treatment.

For more information on the Brevida mask, check out these videos:

Developed from extensive patient-centred research, F&P Brevida features simple, adjustable headgear and the innovative AirPillow™ seal for a gentle, effective seal.
A guide to fitting your F&P Brevida™ Nasal Pillows Mask


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