Warranty Repair

SleepSomatics sells only brand new, unopened PAP therapy machines. The average life span of most devices is 4-6 years depending upon user handling, care, and if regular maintenance and replacement supplies are maintained over the life of the device.

The manufacturer warranty for your PAP machine is provided by your machine's manufacturer, not SleepSomatics, for a period of two (2) years from your date of purchase.

If you select SleepSomatics for warranty filing assistance, there may be a fee for servicing costs not covered by your insurance. Click here to request an appointment for warranty filing assistance with SleepSomatics. If you are unable or unwilling to pay for warranty filing assistance, you may contact the manufacturer directly regarding your warranty.

If your machine's manufacturer warranty has expired, click here to request an appointment for purchase costs for a new PAP therapy machine. Insurance coverage for replacement machines varies from policy to policy, and we do require an appointment request submission to provide a cost quote.

Per the SleepSomatics Terms of Service patients accept when purchasing PAP devices, SleepSomatics does not guarantee manufacturer warranty coverage, same-day or emergency rush servicing, nor the availability of rental/loaner PAP machines.