SleepSomatics Patient Review: Five of Five Stars (Erik H., Austin, TX)

Erik H., Austin, TX

Real Patient Review submitted through SleepSomatics online quality assurance system on November 23, 2016 8:29 AM:

I had a pleasant experience and actually slept quite well. A minor suggestion is to spend a few minutes at the very beginning providing an overview of what is expected to be accomplished during the study and how it works. This came out during the course of going through it, but it would have been nice to have a summary of the entire thing explained in the beginning. As most people will only ever do this once (if at all) and my doctor didn't really give me too many details about what to expect, I think you can assume most people are curious about both the goal and the process.

The other thing that was a little confusing was whether most people go home in the morning or have the facilities available to prepare and go straight to work. In other words, is it sort of like a hotel. This wasn't a big problem as I was planning to go home anyway, but the expectation was never really explicitly communicated during the intro call or setup for what to expect.

I think both of these comments relate to expectation setting for people who really have no idea what to expect. Otherwise, the process and help throughout the experience were fine.

SleepSomatics Response: 

Thank you for your feedback. We do provide this comprehensive review of the testing and treatment process for patients who choose to schedule an initial New Patient Sleep Assessment, a comprehensive 30-45 minute appointment performed during the daytime at the clinic prior to testing. Some patients choose instead to proceed directly to testing from their physician's referral. Thank you again for your feedback. We wish you restful, restorative sleep.


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