Patient Review- Micheal (Austin)

Satisfied SleepSomatics Customer 5-Star Patient Review

I rarely agree to participate in customer service surveys. In fact, I only do so when I experience an extreme, whether it be in the positive or negative. I write to your company today because I had an extremely positive experience. I was very apprehensive to do this sleep study. Quite frankly I put it off much longer than I should have. Had I known that Sleep Somatics was going to take such great care I would have done this long ago.

The entire facility was so comfortable, open and clean. Travel is a regular part of my job and I stay in a lot of hotel rooms. I will now always be comparing my hotel rooms to your sleep room. It was that fantastic! You can always tell the difference between a place that has been surface-cleaned versus one that is deep-cleaned. Your facility falls into the latter category. But, it didn't smell like disinfectant or like a hospital does, it just smelled fresh. (Maybe you should start a side business sharing your cleaning secrets).

Your excellence also extends to your staffing and training. Everyone I interacted with from the administration staff to your diagnostic staff exuded professionalism and competence. I was put at ease with the knowledge that your people were taking care of me. They knew what they were doing and they were so nice and courteous. I certainly didn't like having to wear the wires, but I understand that is what is required.

I couldn't have asked for a better overall experience. I have already recommended SleepSomatics to my brother-in-law and I will continue to recommend your company to anyone needing to have a sleep study.


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