Take-Home Testing and Treatment Solutions


SleepSomatics take-home sleep apnea testing patients: click here for your home sleep test directions.


Concerned about your snoring or how often you stop breathing in your sleep? Get your sleep apnea tested today by SleepSomatics, Austin's top-rated sleep lab serving central Texas since 1999.

Our Take-Home Service Solutions evaluate, test and treat obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. Patients that qualify can schedule an appointment at SleepSomatics to rent our devices and receive directions on how to self-serve their testing or treatment. Patients sleep at home that night with the test and return the device the following day to SleepSomatics at scheduled drop-off times.

Poor sleep affects mood, energy, concentration levels, weight gain and muscle loss, and the ability to stay awake and function during the day. Adults with inadequate or poor sleep regularly experience poor concentration, fatigue, sleepiness, lapses in memory, irritability, anxiety, depression and problems with relationships. 1 in 3 Texans suffer from inadequate and unhealthy broken sleep and are unknowingly at-risk for a serious sleep problem. 

Everyone benefits from improving their sleep quality. Ignoring sleep problems increases your risk for all 8 mortality risks: ObesityHigh blood pressureDepressionHeart Attack, Stroke, Diabetes, Cancer, Accidents.

Sleep testing is fast, easy, and painless. Don't suffer another day from poor sleep. Get tested at Austin's top-rated sleep lab. Call SleepSomatics: (512) 323-9253.