SleepSomatics diagnostic test results are usually available within 5 business days after your test completion. If the physician who ordered your testing has requested a specific sleep specialist review your findings, there may be an additional time period required by that specialist before your results are available.

To request a copy of your test results by email, please complete the form below. Your results will be emailed to you upon completion utilizing DocuSign, which will require your secure electronic signature verifying your request to receive your test results by email. There is no charge to receive your test results by email within 5 days. A $35 fee applies for records requests that necessitate rush delivery in less than 3 days.

If you need a copy of your test results faxed or postal mailed to another physician, healthcare provider, DME company, insurance company, or other, please complete the form below.

This video is about the five myths of restorative sleep, symptoms and causes of poor or reduced restorative sleep, how to fix broken restorative sleep, how restorative sleep is measured, and the differences between a sleep study (or polysomnogram) and home sleep test (or home sleep study) for quantifying and treating restorative sleep loss to improve symptoms of fatigue, moodiness, insomnia irritability, difficulty concentrating, low libido, depression, and increase weight loss and energy.

Requesting SleepSomatics test results is subject to the SleepSomatics Authorization to Email Medical Records to Patient.