Full Service CPAP Package

SleepSomatics offers a Full Service CPAP Package featuring some of the most advanced CPAP systems available today. Our CPAP packages feature small, compact, and quiet CPAP machines and mask interfaces that come with comprehensive warranties.


The ICON+ is one of the most advanced CPAP machines available today. It is one of the smallest CPAP units, easy to travel or camp with, and is quieter than a room fan. Its advanced features and algorithms include heated tubing, automatic humidity, and 'auto-ramping' - where the machine senses when you have awoken and turns the air down for you automatically.  


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The ICON+ comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty (including water damage). If the manufacturer replaces your CPAP machine during the warranty period, your 2 year warranty resets back to the full 2 year period the day you get your new machine! That's how confident the manufacturer is in the ICON+!